Mto, maintenance technique Freelance technician, I have worked in the processing of plastics for 30 years, and with clients in France, northern Maghreb, And Eastern Europe. I'm experienced in hydraulic, mechanical, pneumatic, electrical, electronics.

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Mto, freelance technician plastics in Lyon is at your service on the injection molding machines, Bosch / Moog pumps type RKP / Rexroth pump type A10VSO repair and all that is closer to the plastics industry.


        If your injection machine it looks like we can do nothing for you

Expériences Experiences

  • A technician for 30 years
  • Customers throughout France, East Europe, Mexico 

Compétences Skills

  • Hydraulics
  • Mechanics
  • Pneumatic
  • Electronique

Activités Activities

  • Injection molding machines service
  • Hydraulics Pump BOSCH Type RKP Repair